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"Being fitted with a good hearing aid was the best investment I made. It has given me a new lease on life."
- Olga Radoccia

Reviews, testimonials - Dr. Mimi Audiologist, Audiology Clinic

"Improved hearing and reduced tinnitus noise were my needs. Dr. Mimi gave me a thorough hearing exam, and made recommendations. The hearing aids Dr. Mimi suggested fulfilled my needs and exceeded my expectations. I am absolutely
delighted with Dr. Mimi’s care."

- John M.


"I knew I had not gone wrong in seeking Dr. Mimi’s support. Her determined, caring nature helped in my cause to finally find the right hearing aids for me."
- Paul Chappelle


"Dr. Mimi uses all her time, effort and considerable skill for the benefit of her patients. I was lucky to find her."
- Norma Hamilton


"Doctor Mimi is the best! She helped me to be able to use the hearing aids I had. Her examination was very thorough and I would recommend if you have a problem large or small, see Mimi. I know you can be helped to your complete satisfaction."

- Harold “Dusty” Turner


"By providing plenty of research-based information and incorporating state of the art technology for testing hearing and adjusting hearing aids, Dr. Mimi calls on experience from her many years as a university researcher and teacher. I feel we are all very lucky to have her in our community!"

- Sally Thompson


"I do find that my conversations with Mom are so much easier now that she has her new hearing aids! I used to have to repeat myself and talk loudly. Dr. Mimi’s explanations of hearing as it relates to the brain, memory, and processing have been more than helpful!"

- Wendy Thompson Shearer


"I have been a patient of three audiologists over the past twenty years. Dr. Mimi has been knowledgeable and patient in working with me and my hearing problem. The day I left Dr. Mimi’s office with new hearing aids, I heard sounds both in nature and conversation I had not heard in more than twenty years. Dr. Mimi knew what I needed and saw that I was fitted with the correct hearing aids."
- Pat Dulmage


"Thanks to Dr. Mimi, I’m back in the conversation!"

- Frank Brunk


"I have been wearing hearing aids since 1992. Now with Dr. Mimi’s help I have the best natural hearing I’ve had in all that time and no background noise in public places. Thank you, Dr. Mimi."
- Julia Ng

Hearing Aids Walnut Creek CA

"Wow! What a difference Dr. Mimi’s hearing aids have done for me.  Not only can I hear better, but her support to me has been superb. She is trustworthy, honest and a good friend.  I recommend her highly. I was feeling unhappy about my inability to hear folks when in a group.  I saw Dr. Mimi’s smiling face in the Rossmoor News and decided to call her. I now have new aids and they help me in teaching, driving, socializing, and attending concerts. At 98, I feel blessed to enjoy all these things. Thank you, Dr. Mimi."

- Ellie Mao Mok

Audiology and Tinnitus Expert, SF Bay Area - Reviews

"Dr. Mimi is patient, knowledgeable and compassionate. Her experience is extensive and her use of new technology has helped me and made my life so much better. She has been able to fine tune my hearing aids and is always willing to help when I’ve needed assistance. Thank you Dr. Mimi!"

- Veronica Devlin


"Dr. Mimi explains clearly and patiently. She is a strong advocate for seniors and makes my teaching at UC Berkeley possible."

- Dunbar H. Ogden


"Dr. Mimi gives the most thorough hearing test I’ve ever had and her diagnosis resulted in hearing aids that make conversation with family and friends a pleasure." - Helena Jacobsen


"When I finally admitted to myself that my hearing really was not optimal I started looking into hearing aid options. I decided on Dr. Mimi as her hearing test was the most comprehensive one I had ever had. Now that I have new aids I realize just how much I wasn’t hearing clearly before. I am totally satisfied with my hearing aids and would recommend Dr. Mimi to everyone!"

- Susan Williamson

"Dr. Mimi was highly recommended and I made an appointment to see her with my son. We were both so impressed by the exam and it is such a pleasure to be able to hear. I am very satisfied with my hearing aids and would recommend Dr. Mimi to friends and family."

- Monique Kirby

"Dr. Mimi was recommended by my primary care physician. She evidenced
a very thorough approach to testing and recommending the right product. As a result, I have been given my life back, especially as to the range and clarity of music I”am now experiencing and again enjoying."

- John Larsen

“Dr. Mimi is not only knowledgeable and professional, she truly cares about her

clients. ”
- Kathleen Daniels

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Hearing Loss Walnut Creek CA
Hearing Services, Walnut Creek, Lamorinda, California

"We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become."


- David R. Hawkins

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