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Audiologist, Hearing Aids, Walnut Creek, Lamorinda, Contra Costa County, California

Our services put a smile on your face from EAR to EAR.

Dr. Mimi Audiology Clinic - Walnut Creek, CA

Here is where genuine care and love meets full competency and professionalism.

"The world is not comprehensible, but it is embraceable."
- Martin Buber

At Dr. Mimi's Audiology clinic, we understand the feelings people have when embarking on their hearing assistance journey: uncertainty, confusion, fear of the unknown.


How do you choose the best audiology clinic?

How can you trust your audiologist and feel confident that they will do a good job addressing your needs?

There is always some anxiety & apprehension involved, especially regarding what happens after fitting with hearing aids.

Hearing Aids, Walnut Creek, CA
Tinnitus Management, Audiologist, Walnut Creek 94596
Hearing Aids, Contra Costa County
Audiologist in Walnut Creek CA

Well you can rest assured with Dr. Mimi. She has over 43 years experience and is up to date with the most current technologies.

But most of all, Dr. Mimi cares about you. Her approach is treating her patients with the whole person in mind- with full competency, professionalism, kindness and compassion.

She loves what she does, and it shows.
Read Dr. Mimi's bio here.

Hearing Aids, Walnut Creek, CA


"Dr. Mimi uses all her time, effort and considerable skill for the benefit of her patients. I was lucky to find her."


"Her determined, caring nature helped in my cause to finally find the right hearing aids for me."


"Thanks to Dr. Mimi, I’m back in the conversation!"

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